Chemistry Unit

Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Laboratory

Regular Members

Junie Billones
Maria Constancia Carrillo
Voltaire Organo

Joint Bioinorganic and Biocomputational Sciences Group

Regular Member

Junie Billones

Organic Synthesis Laboratory

Regular Members

Peptidomics and Natural Products Research Laboratory

Regular Members

Marilou Nicolas
Noel Quiming

Mathematical and Computing Sciences Unit

Computational Biology Group

We work in the fields of computational biology, biostatistics, network analysis and machine learning to analyze large collections of biological data. We aim to implement programs and develop applications that address problems encountered in the study of biological, ecological, behavioural, and social systems.

Regular Members

Ken Joffaniel Gonzales
Marc Jermaine Pontiveros
Geoffrey Solano

Security and Cryptography Group

The development, analysis, and applications of crytopgraphic algorithms to security. Major research areas include lattice-based cryptography, homomoprhic encryption, and blockchain technology 

Regular Members

Richard Bryann Chua
Chloe De Leon
Marbert John Marasigan

Physics and Geology Unit

GAEA Research Laboratory

Regular Members

Migel Antonio Catalig
Astrid Korina Gianan
Sarah Johnson
Edanjarlo Marquez

Laboratory for Applied Mathematical Physics

Regular Members

Herbert Domingo

Raman Spectroscopy Research Laboratory

The research laboratory investigates applications of Raman Spectroscopy to research questions in the health sciences.

Regular Member

Marie Josephine De Luna