Joint Bioinorganic and Biocomputational Sciences (JBB’s) Group

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To leverage advanced computational techniques, including molecular modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to revolutionize drug discovery and development in the country.


To lead the transformation of drug discovery and development in the Philippines by leveraging advanced computational techniques, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of computational science to accelerate the identification and optimization of novel therapeutic agents, addressing unmet medical needs and enhancing global health outcomes through impactful solutions.


  1. Train and educate a new generation of researchers and professionals in the field of computational drug discovery
  2. Conduct cutting-edge research to identify and optimize novel therapeutic agents for a wide range of diseases prevalent in the Philippines
  3. Translate research findings into tangible solutions that address the country’s healthcare challenges and contribute to global health improvement
  4. Promote awareness and advocacy for the importance of computation techniques in drug discovery and development within the scientific community and society at large
  5. Continuously innovate and adapt computational approaches to stay at the forefront of drug discovery research and technology
  6. Foster a culture of collaboration, excellence, and diversity within the research community to drive impactful outcomes in drug discovery and development
  7. Establish the Philippines as a hub for computational drug discovery research and innovation, contributing significantly to global health advancement


Regular Members

  • Junie Billones (Group Leader)

Graduate Students

  • Bianca J. Baring (UPLB)
  • Rickson S. Gaspe (UST)
  • Jibrielle L. Simpauco (UST)
  • Louise Theunis (UST)
  • Honeymae C. Alos (UST)
  • Charlaine A. Aventurado (UST)
  • Kenneth C. Ezeuba (CP)
  • David John T. Jarillo (CP)
  • Joyce Gem M. Cañete (CP)

Undergraduate Students

  • Lea Andrea A. Abuhon
  • Kurt Nathaniel C. Baligod
  • Michelle Healmer V. Castro
  • Lex Aaron I. Garcia
  • Crisandro Allen R. Lazo
  • Wreindt S. Ora
JBBs 10 Year Roadmap