Applied Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory

We are interested in the exploration and applications of applied mathematics and artificial intelligence techniques including but not limited to: mathematical modelling, optimization, data science, machine learning, and natural language processing to solve real-world problems in various disciplines


  • Therese Anne Basco-Uy (Laboratory Head), Research interests: Optimization, Signal and Image Processing
  • Jennifer Albarico, Research interests: Applications of ML in healthcare and psychological science
  • Ramon Jose Bagunu, Research interests: Quantum Mechanics, Biomodelling
  • Perlita Gasmen, Research interests: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science
  • Carl Emmanuel Gonzales, Research interests: Applications of ML in healthcare deep learning with 2D images
  • John Philip Jalmasco, Research interests: Applications of ML in disease diagnosis/prognosis, DL with images (non-medical related images)
  • John Justin Mesias, Research interests: Operations Research, Optimization and Approximation, Sports Analytics, Data Science
  • Lorenz Timothy Ranera, Research interests: Natural Language Processing, Generative AI, AI/ML Applications to Social Science and legal documents