Four DPSM Professors Ranked Among the Top 1000 Scientists in the Country

According to the latest Alper-Doger (AD) Scientific Index’s Top Scientists in the Philippines 2022 list, four DPSM professors made it to the prestigious list: Dr. Noel S. Quiming, Dr. Voltaire G. Organo, Dr. Marilou G. Nicolas, and Dr. Marcelina B. Lirazan.

The AD Scientific Index, developed by Prof. Dr. Murat Alper of the University of Health Sciences Istanbul and Prof. Dr. Cihan Doger of Ankara City Hospital, is a ranking system based on the scientific productivity of the individual researchers, which is measured using their total H-index, i10-index, and citation scores in Google Scholar over the last five years.

With a total of 546 citations and an h-index of 11, Dr. Noel Quiming ranks 336th in the Philippines. Likewise, Dr. Marilou Nicolas joins the list, ranking 607th with a total of 432 citations and an h-index of 7. Dr. Quiming and Dr. Nicolas’ most cited research is the “Interaction of bovine serum albumin and metallothionein.” Published in the Journal of Health Science, this study utilized far UV circular dichroism (CD) and fluorescence spectroscopy to prove the interaction between these two proteins.

Also ranking 402th on this year’s list is Dr. Voltaire Organo, with 337 citations and an h-index of 11. Dr. Organo’s study with Prof. Dmitry M. Rudkevich of the University of Texas at Arlington on the “Supramolecular Features of Calixarene‐Based Synthetic Nanotubes” is listed as his most cited article.

Dr. Marcelina Lirazan completes the list of DPSM professors in the list by ranking 725th with a total of 383 citations and an h-index of 5. Dr. Lirazan’s most cited study is the “The T-superfamily of conotoxins”, which describes the discovery and characterization of eight different T-superfamily peptides from five Conus species.

The list of all top 1000 scientists from the Philippines can be viewed here:

Written by Jamie Bernadette Sy