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This 4-unit course discusses the essential concepts of (ionizing) radiation, radiation detection and protection.

This is a 3 unit General Education course under the Mathematics, Science and Technology core. NS1 is divided into two main sciences, Physics and Chemistry. This Course however, is just focused on the Physics part that covers the history of science and the universe, emergence of physics and the dynamic world of classical to modern to cosmological physics. This course often taken by the freshmen of several programs both BS and BA in UP Manila.

Physics 51 is a 3-unit algebra-based general physics course. This is the first of the two 50-series physics that is taken by different programs in UP Manila, namely BS Biology, BS Pharmacy, BS Industrial Pharmacy and BS Physical Therapy. This covers the basic mechanics both for solid and fluid systems until thermodynamic systems. The main reference book is "Physics" by Giancoli, however other references like the books of Young and Freedman and Tipler are often used for special problems. 

Circuit analysis and network theorems. Semiconductor devices. Operational amplifiers. Digital design. Transient and steady-state analysis.