UP Scientists 2021

Two DPSM Professors Appointed as UP Scientists

Two DPSM faculty members were appointed as UP Scientists for their notable scientific productivity and achievements.

Dr. Junie Billones from the Chemistry Unit retained his UP Scientist III appointment. His research work focuses on computer-aided discovery and development of drugs including pharmacophore-based screening, molecular docking, molecular dynamics, and quantitative structure-activity relationship studies. Dr. Billones is also involved in spectro-electrochemical studies of coordination complexes.

Dr. Geoffrey Solano from the Mathematical and Computing Sciences Unit is newly appointed as UP Scientist I. Although his main area of interest is graph theory, it has extended to related areas such as graph algorithms, approximation algorithms, network analysis and computational biology. He is also currently involved in different research projects on machine intelligence applied to health. Dr. Solano is currently the Director of UP Manila's Information Management Service.

The UP Scientific Productivity System was established in 2005 with the aim of supporting and encouraging UP faculty members to increase the university’s scientific research output and assist in the development of science and technology. The award is valid for three years and is conferred with a monetary award.

Written by Jamie Bernadette Sy