SP (Undergraduate Thesis) Student Who Have Graduated


  • Ruahden F. Dang-awan
    SP Title: Votemind: Using Sharemind for Privacy and Verifiability in Internet Voting
  • Angelica Khryss Yvanne C. Ladisla
    SP Title: Secure Computation Outsourcing of Genome-Wide Association Studies Using Homomorphic Encryption
  • Marvin Joseph R. Occeño
    SP Title: Voterify: Using The Homomorphic Encryption Project (THEP) to Provide Privacy and Verifiability in Internet Voting
  • Joseph Neil I. Tuazon
    SP Title: Privacy-Preserving Genomic Disease Susceptibility Testing Using Secure Multiparty Computation


  • Jairus Mari H. Navarro
    SP Title: Secure Multiparty Computation for Generating Health Data Statistics
  • Joyce Anne L. Piscos
    SP Title: Secure Multiparty Computation for Internet Voting


  • Nicole Anne D.C. Lopez
    SP Title: Database Encryption Using CryptDB for DentISt: Dental Information System (DentISt) 4.0
  • Liezl D.R. Santos
    SP Title: Online Student Evaluation of Teachers (OSET) 4.0: Data Collection and Anonymization





  • Gerard Joseph A. Custodio
    SP Title: Health Application for Natural Products Information System for Plants (HANAPIN-SP)
  • Melissa Lunasin
    SP Title: TERMS (Ticket Escalation and Resolution Management System) with Treemap-based Reporting System


  • Delfin Christian G. Juat
    SP Title: Skeezix: An ERD Drawing and DDL Script Converter Software
  • Noah B. Mangahas
    SP Title: Submission Module for the Moodle Learning Environment
  • Joanna Christine M. Velasquez
    SP Title: Department Online Course Management System (DOCMS): Online Course Management System Integrated with Google Apps
  • Shervin G. Yao
    SP Title: (Virholex) Virus-Host Interaction Lexicon User Interface


  • Krizelle G. Matel
    SP Title: Route Finder Online System (RFON): Implementing Label Setting Algorithm by Brodal and Jacob using the timetable information in the Philippine Bus Transportation System
  • Mark Donnel M. Patio
    SP Title: Online Student Evaluation of Teachers (UPM - CAS OSET)


  • Arlene Enero
    SP Title: Image Nudity Detection System (ImNuDe): A Firefox Extension
  • Xanthe V. Vitor
    SP Title: Surgical Emergency Room Information System