Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics (Health Physics Concentration)

The B.S. Applied Physics (Health Physics Concentration) is a four-year undergraduate program that provides a basic science curriculum with emphasis on the fundamental concepts and principles of physics and their applications in health and medicine. The program offers 48 units of general education courses, 63 units of foundation and core courses, and 43 units of specialized courses, including Radiation Health Physics, Physics of Medical Imaging, and Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement.

See the B.S. Applied Physics (Health Physics Concentration) curriculum.


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

The B.S. Biochemistry program aims to initiate the development of manpower capabilities in theoretical and practical aspects of biochemistry used in basic and applied research in health-related areas where biochemical tool is required.

See the B.S. Biochemistry curriculum.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The B.S. Computer Science program aims to provide manpower that will help accelerate development of high quality computer systems for both the industry and health institutions and to collaborate with professionals in health-related research where computing is required. The B.S. Computer has two tracks of specialization: Health Informatics and Statistical Computing.

See the B.S. Computer Science curriculum.
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